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Two words together never sounded so good. Waiting for that movie to buffer? Now is the perfect time to get a bottle of wine delivered to your door

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Fast Delivery

Browse Our Ever Changing Selections

You’ll always find great selections at retail price when shopping with Winedropper. All of our wine selections are based on popularity in your given area, so get them while they are available. Only highly rated wines pass through our app so we know that every order is guarenteed to satisfy your palette.

Learn About New Wines

Each wine has a story and we want you to hear about it. Each wine has it’s own profile showing it’s flavor, what it pairs best with, it’s star rating, and much more! We also let you know if it’s corked or capped, because we never want you to get a bottle and not be able to drink it right away.


Delivery is Fast and Easy

Probably the fastest delivery you will ever find when it comes to wine. Because of our unique way of carrying wine, we are able to accomidate everyone, from everywhere with different wines that will really get your night going. Payment is even easier. No need to sign up! Unless you want us to remember you that is.

Driving with Winedropper

Interested in bringing wine to the masses when they really need it? Earn money for every delivery, discounts for yourself, and knowing where the party is. Be your own boss and set your own schedule. Sign up today and get yourself a spot on our beta list. We won’t ask anything from you except that you get excited and spread the word.

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